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My name is Kit. Meeting Dinese and Hui this year was meaningful and it was as if we’ve met lifetimes ago. We instantly connected and they both welcomed me into their tribe with open hearts. The more we got to know each other the more we felt that I was the missing piece in their tribe. It was the perfect chemistry!

I was born in the Philippines and left to come to the USA when I turned 10 years old with my family. My family rarely talked about who my ancestors were growing up and so I never questioned it. Patterns of feeling shut down, feelings of unworthiness, fear of taking up space, feeling burned out, losing my voice in conversations were the catalysts to make a change. My soul and heart wanted more!

My curiosity to learn about Family Constellation started about two years ago. My first constellation experience brought awareness, trust, hope, love, connectedness with my family lineage, and an ability to see with my heart. After my first experience, I immersed myself to learn how to facilitate family constellations, find my purpose, and to go deeper into my soul a conscious way. 

Working with startups for the past 10 years, my soul felt a call to use constellations to support business owners and entrepreneurs in lifting off a project and bring ideas to the world. 

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