Who We Are

Who are the captains steering this journey?

Dinese, Hui and Kit has found the purpose to live truly from the heart. We began years of the healing journey for our bodies, heart, and soul. Now, we have gathered fellow healers and facilitators who have gone through a similar journey to hold this container. We want to share all the inspiring and nourishing experience with you, our soul tribe.


Born in Malaysia, Dinese started her own healing journey a decade ago when she was a graduate student in Germany majoring in innovation that aids sustainability such as electromobility, sustainable entrepreneurship, and eco-living. Fast forward today, she now fully dedicates herself in creating awareness of maintaining a healthy mind after experiencing a huge difference in mental health services in Europe and Malaysia. She aims to close the gap of mental health awareness and therapies that are lacking in Malaysia to at least of European level. She uses different modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Design Thinking and other techniques via retreats and therapies to achieve this goal and also aim to encourage everyone to at least try a therapy session at least once in their life to ensure optimal mental health other than physical health. She is a strong advocate in sustainability, mental health, and living life with a balanced Wealthness concept and is a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). Read more about Dinese’s healing journey.


Also born and raised in Malaysia, Hui was an actuary and real estate investor who escaped the rat race to find deeper purpose. After hitchhiking and couchsurfing around many continents for eighteen months, working briefly in a coworking space startup, and volunteering for decades in a Buddhist foundation, she finally found her life’s calling. She began her journey to become a healer through Thai yoga massage and acupuncture school. From a helpless woman struggling with menstrual health, she went further to learn about embodying healthy femininity in relationships, using hypnotherapy to clear limiting beliefs, and finally receiving family constellation to heal ancestral wounds to live from her heart. A daily Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner, plant-based food-fanatic and community builder, she can’t wait to share all the ancient wisdom of traditional healing and wellness with all of you. Read more about Hui’s healing journey.


Kit was born in the Philippines and came to the USA when she was ten with her family. Patterns of feeling shut down, feelings of unworthiness, fear of taking up space, feeling burned out, losing her voice in conversations pushed her to make a change. Her first constellation experience brought awareness, trust, hope, love, connectedness with her family lineage, and an ability to see with her heart. After that first experience, she immersed herself to learn how to facilitate family constellations, find her purpose, and to go deeper into her soul in a conscious way. Working with start-ups for the past 10 years, she felt a call to use constellations to support business owners and entrepreneurs to lift off the ground and bring their ideas to the world.
Read more about Kit’s healing journey.




Elise grew up in a small rural town in Pennsylvania, USA. In a small community steeped with sex-negativity, religious stigma, and sexual oppression she developed deep wells of self-hatred and sexual shame. Her path to love and acceptance started with her undergraduate studies in intersectional feminism and gender and sexuality studies where she began to understand the connection between collective freedom and sexual empowerment. Finding healing communities early in her 20s, Elise began to unravel the unconscious conditioning of her past, and find freedom in authentic expression and sensual self-care. Today, Elise is a conscious sexuality educator, family constellations facilitator, and Desire Catalyst. She believes that the purpose of life is to walk through the world with our desire leading the way and to breathe in the fullness of existence with all of our senses. As a Desire Catalyst, Elise combines systemic family constellations, embodiment practices, and conscious sexual skill-building to support people in cultivating an inspired relationship to their desire. Her work stems from a range of modalities that centralize the wisdom of the body and its capacity to perceive, feel, and express. You can find out more about her work at http://elisebish.com/

We are all excited to see you soon!


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