Our Services

Our TGH Signature Services are deeply rooted using principles of Family Constellation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Ancient Medicine developed carefully by our own clinical experience blended with the demand of today’s busy lifestyle. Through our sessions, you can expect to gain more insights on healing modalities that you might not know exists such as elements of Ancestral Healing combined with the power of the subconscious mind.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have

Our sessions are curated to provide tools for your own healing and transformation in the long run. 

In our sessions, we create a safe space for what the heart desires to be seen. We open our hearts to each other to reveal the blocks and resources that lie deep in our soul to bring you closer to your intention.

These experiences help find clarity on our intentions, transform blocks and limitations, and nourish heart-based connections.


  • Monthly Group Workshops
    Duration: 120 mins
    Price: USD$40 per pax
    + Monthly workshops on different themes on mental health, wellness, and heartful living
    + Recommended for newbies, existing clients, long-term healing seekers

  • Private Constellation Circle
    Duration: 90 mins
    Price: USD$380 per pax (minimum 2 participants)
    + Private Constellation session with guided meditations and clinical hypnotherapy for 2 different heart intentions
    + Recommended for couples, parent-child, and best friends

  • Individual constellation session
    Duration: 90 mins
    Price: USD$880
    + Individual Constellation with guided meditations and clinical hypnotherapy with 2 facilitators and 1 clinical hypnotherapist working on a specific heart’s intention
    + Recommended for people who wanted full privacy

SPECIAL OFFER: Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic and to expand our work to first-time customers, we are offering all sessions to essential staff, anyone in social services or education, students, and first-timers for a suggested donation of minimum USD$20 or other forms of energy exchange to support this cause.

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Everything is within your power, and your power is within you


  • Group Hypnotherapy Session for Relaxation & Stress-Relief
    Duration: 90 mins
    Price: USD$27 per pax
    No. of Participants: Minimum 5 pax to start
    + Includes Stress-level Test
    + Free Gifts
    + Recommended for staffs, front-liners, lecturers, teachers, students

  • Individual Hypnotherapy Session
    Duration: 60-90 mins
    Price: USD$80
    + Individual Hypnotherapy session working on specific request/situation
    + DSM-5 Test on request
    + Available Sessions: Binge Eating, Smoking, Weight Loss, Low Self-Esteem, Pain Management, Stress, etc. (Please contact us directly for more details)

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