Free Event: Body-Mind-Soul Check: Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomad Special

Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Time: 3.00pm, 7th March 2020 (Saturday)

Hello, I am Dinese from!

 Just like you, I’m always trying to balance my own personal, business and spiritual growth but sometimes it is just too much to handle. It could sometimes cause a lot mess and at times, everything has to stop for this to recover.

Pretending that life is wonderful and that I have all the answers is not what I do as a clinical hypnotherapist. But as a passionate life-long student of life, I am ready to dig into the dark realm of mental stresses, why we got stuck in life, how to move on from this using different modalities such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Family Constellation, traditional medicinal practices and so on.

Maybe the first question to ask is, why are we even bothered to improve ourselves in every way possible? Why do we learn different tools to heal ourselves? How do we nourish back the wounded inner-child? How do we move-on when we felt stuck in our business venture?

Join me and my 2 of my colleagues to find out more if there is something you could learn from us for the health of your body, mind and soul. We will do a BMS check together.

** Plus, for those who will be attending, we will be giving away a love mantra, mini constellation guide, and universe check printables. Also, for a limited time only, there will be also a mini session with our conscious sexuality educator.