Awaken the
Great Healer in you


We cordially invite you to join this 6 days of magical journey into abundance and love together with your soul tribe in the ancient city of myths in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Feeling listless, restless or lethargic?
Wondering what lies beyond the daily hustle and drudgery?
Anxiety, depression, lethargy, irritability and burnout define our generation and modern lifestyle.
Is this “quarter or mid-life crisis” ever over?
What is calling your heart, stirring your soul to action?
Imagine connecting to your heart’s desires and freeing yourself
from the baggage you've been carrying.
Imagine being embraced by the flow of the universe
as you live your highest truth with your tribe.
If you are ready to meet your heart
and others committed to the same journey, come onboard!

What to Expect


Discover ways to reconnect and heal what has been neglected, release unconscious burdens to make space for love and abundance. Learn Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Self-hypnotherapy, Family Constellations and explore the archetypes of King/Queen, Lover, Mother/Warrior, Magician/Wise Woman within us. This fountain of self-healing knowledge is something not to be missed if you found yourself trapped in the modern day society
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The Space


Enter a world where slow life is encouraged. Immerse yourself in the generous embrace and tranquility of mother nature.
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What do a hypnotherapist, a software engineer and an acupuncture student have in common? A passion for awakening the healer within us all and building a soul tribe with the same vision.
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March 2020: Chiang Mai, Thailand

August 2020: TBA